Version 1.7r1 : (2010/03/29)

-Improved performance for WPF-based Remote Control client (in high resolution only).
-Better handling of session expiration or network issues. A password prompt will be displayed if the session has expired.
-Fixed HD2-specific bug which caused the Text Messaging link not to appear in the main menu.
-Minor bug fixes.
-Incremented version number because of marketplace.

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  1. 또자쿨쿨 2010.05.04 22:49

    블로그검색 온타운 쥔장입니다.
    막 등록하였습니다. 좀 늦었네용 -_-;;;

    이용안내를 꼭 읽어봐주세요~
    그럼 또 뵙겠습니다~

  2. serinfather 2010.05.05 09:52 신고

    예 감사합니다

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