G-Alarm v.2.5
Requirements: WM5-6.5, QVGA, VGA, WQVGA, WVGA
Overview: Are you tired of the built-in Windows Mobile alarm?



G-Alarm is the perfect alternative for you. A finger-friendly and reliable alarm clock for Windows Mobile. G-Alarm offers everything to help you get up more pleasant.

With its innovative features you can customize your settings according to your needs.

Get up with your favorite music
You can add your complete music collection or single MP3, WMA, MIDI and WAV files to a playlist and let G-Alarm fade it in to get you gently awakened.
In addition, you can randomize your playlist, force a specific volume or simply let your device vibrate.

G-Alarm for the “whole world”
G-Alarm is available in the following languages*:
English, German, French, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil), Hungarian, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Danish, Korean, Thai, Finnish, Indonesian, Chinese (traditional, simplified and Taiwan), Swedish, Slovak, Norwegian, Greek, Hebrew, Serbian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Ukrainian, Slovenian

Save battery power overnight
Using the integrated flight mode you can turn off the phone und therefore minimize the battery drain until the next alarm. Afterwards G-Alarm automatically turns your phone on again.

Windows Mobile
G-Alarm supports every touchscreen device running with Windows Mobile 5 and 6.x

Talking clock
This feature allows you to not only see the current time but also hear it. You find all available packages on this page.

Are you a deep sleeper? Not with G-Alarm anymore
G-Alarm can optionally ask you some tasks to complicate closing or snoozing of an alarm. It can ask you a small calculation task or wants you to guide a ball through a maze.

You do not want to press any buttons?
If your device is equipped with a supported tilt sensor, you can snooze or stop an alarm by shaking your device or turning it upside down.

See your favorite picture
Change the background image and keep your dreams in sight even when you are getting awake. You can also change the complete look of G-Alarm by downloading new skins.

Weather of the day
If you use G-Weather, G-Alarm can show you the weather of the current day.

In case of emergency
Device broken? New device? With the new backup feature you won’t lose any settings. You can simply export existing alarms and recover them anytime on any device.

Schedule the launch of other programs
Use G-Alarm to execute other applications at a certain point of time.

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